Thursday, April 24, 2014

Curve Effect Box Set

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Featuring a contemporary romance, a slice or two of tomorrow, an interfering muse and an ever-so-slightly love crazed werewolf, these five stories are filled with heroes who have fallen hard under the spell of the curve effect.

Behind the Curve

Plus-size reporter Valerie Lane didn't expect to find love during an undercover assignment in a sex parlor. Hell, she couldn't even anticipate the mind-blowing orgasms the parlor's newest client teases from her as he explores every erogenous zone on her ample body.

For Craig Spence, behind the curve of his fantasy girl is pure heaven. He just needs to convince Valerie this is more than a one-time trip around the world.

Fantasy Curves 269

It's not easy being a big girl in 2169...

On her way to a friend's Halloween party, Morgan Macy never expected to be confused for a real Fantasy Unit for one simple reason -- she has never seen a plus-size pleasure droid. Hell, there are very few big girls, period, and it has been a long, long time since a man looked twice at her overgenerous curves.

Apparently there are plus-size Fantasy Units and what was meant as a practical joke poking fun at her secret crush Vance Gemini turns into a gauntlet of groping males. Forced to head home for a costume change before she even gets to the party, Morgan finds herself on an empty subway platform with a masculine, all-too-familiar voice ordering her to halt.

Turn around, FU 269. I want your time.

Curve Cover

Betrayed by her commanding officers and abandoned by her husband, plus-size Major Amanda Child wants to spend her forced retirement flying under the government's radar while she finds proof of its crimes. What she gets is six-feet-three-inches of rogue Berserker handcuffed to her bed. Will one night of pure bliss reveal that the last thing she was looking for is the one thing she desperately needs?

Curve Beast

For two years, Cruz Medina has tried hard to ignore Tamsyn, the plus-size beauty he's lusted after since high school. Never mind that he climbs rooftops every evening to watch her in bed, her hands caressing her lush curves with an intimacy he can only dream about. Never mind that she wants him just as badly, that he can smell her arousal and need every time they meet.

He's a shifter, she's not. Loving her isn't an option -- until a rogue pack of shifters goes on the hunt for Tamsyn and the only way to protect her is to tell the truth.

Curve Muse

An inspiring mix of a muse-on-the-loose, a plus-sized beauty and the artist next door...

Bryce is a practical, plus-sized woman with an L.A. apartment located a world away from the fairytales of Hollywood. So, when a blonde in red leather shows up proclaiming to be a muse and deputizing Bryce, she thinks another L.A. kook has landed on her doorstep.

But faster than Bryce can say, "No way, bye-bye, don't let the door hit your skinny ass on the way out," she finds herself in a toga and amulets that are wreaking havoc on her senses. The fight to get out of the toga and return to sanity leaves her butt naked on the neighboring patio. When she realizes her gorgeous next door neighbor is RIGHT THERE with her, it's worse than any bad dream of showing up naked in high school.

For Mr. Gorgeous, however, it's been a long time coming. He's been having fantasies of painting Bryce au naturel for months. He's had other fantasies, too, but the shy beauty has turned aside and ignored every attempt to get closer. Now that he's got her halfway there, he's pulling out all the stops.

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