Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Phoenix Dead - New Adult Dark Romance


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Surviving a brutal attack, Lee recovers to find her world turned upside down. She can't eat, she heals quickly and she dreams of nothing but blood. 

She's also wanted by more than one man. Only most of the men want her dead -- for real this time.

Protecting her is Danny, the determined and audaciously hot cop working her case. When her refusal to help him find the vampire clan that attacked her drives a wedge between them, classmate Chris finds his way into her heart.

Then there's Oscar, the shadowy, charismatic leader of the vampire clan. His men want Lee dead, he wants her obedience, starting with her body. 

This 56,900+ dark romance combines Becoming and Shattered, Books 1 & 2 in The Vampire Years (writing as Chance Valentine), a coming of age story about the sexual awakening and survival of a recently turned vampire. For a mature new adult audience, this titles features explicit sex and graphic violence. 

Danny put his hands on my hips and I knew the contact was only there to start the gentle process of pushing me away. I tightened my grip on him.

"It's the truth."

"Lee, you're a kid, you don't know -"

"What love is?" I interrupted. "Don't go there - I know what it isn't. It's not trading your daughter to a gang of bikers so they can chew on her flesh. It isn't telling your step-daughter she's brilliant and beautiful almost every morning and a dumb ugly cunt every night so that maybe she'll finally relent and let you fuck her. It isn't kidnapping your niece off the playground in third grade and taking her back to a drunk mother and her pedophile husband. It's not being afraid of who is going to come into your room at night, a staggering, accusing woman with a lit cigarette or..."

I stopped and managed to push the image of Paul from my mind. I relaxed my hold on Danny enough to give him a hard, pissed shake. "I know exactly what love doesn't look like. I know what it doesn't feel like." I shook him again. "And this isn't like any of that. So don't give me this 'kid' bullshit. I've been taking care of adults for a long fucking time. That distinction means nothing!"

I slapped him, then. It was that or release the blood tears that were swelling. I hit him hard, too. Not hard for a girl or for a man.

Vampire hard.

His head whipped to the side and the print of my palm rose instantly against his skin. It took him a second to recover from the shock but then he trapped my hand. His breathing picked up, at last. His grip on my wrist and hip tightened.

"I..." He stopped, tried to even his tone out. "I didn't mean to negate your feelings, Lee."

"No? Well, I meant to slap you." I watched another wave of surprise wash over his face, the outline of my palm still stark against his brown skin. "Because you don't get my tears."

I moved to pull my wrist from his grip but he stopped me with a simple, heart-rending question.

"Does Oscar?"

It was true, I had cried in front of Oscar, but those had been human tears caused by fear and helplessness. I might still be afraid, I might still need help, but those "little girl tears" were gone.

"Not these tears." I closed my eyes, my vision already tinting red. "Not these."

His hands relaxed. "Lee, baby."

Another little strangled noise escaped me, like a hamster squeezed in a child's fist. I pressed my lips against his forehead, freed my hand to rest it against his injured cheek. "I'm sorry."

"Shhh..." His arms circled my waist. He pressed his palm along the center of my back.

His touch was light, barely pressing on my spine, but I arched in response. I spread my legs a little wider, the weight of my lower torso shifting forward so that my mound was against his stomach and my breasts were thrusting up, close to his face.

I cupped my breasts, squeezing them as I steadily pushed my mound against his stomach. I tilted my head, my hair falling around his shoulder as I kissed his ear and whispered.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Behind the Curve (BBW Erotic Romance)

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Plus-size reporter Valerie Lane didn't expect to find love during an undercover assignment in a sex parlor. Hell, she couldn't even anticipate the mind-blowing orgasms the parlor's newest client teases from her as he explores every erogenous zone on her ample body.

For Craig Spence, behind the curve of his fantasy girl is pure heaven. He just needs to convince Valerie this is more than a one-time trip around the world.

This 17,000+ word BBW Erotic Romance features a colleagues-to-lovers HEA that starts in a sex parlor with a dare. Note for purchasers of the "Back" anal erotica collection, this is an expansion of the 3,500 word short "Magenta."

Craig pulled at the nipples, giving them a little twist until I arched against him. "Like that, do you?"

Biting my lip, I shook my head, lying to him. He twisted again, a little harder, and I felt my knees start to give.

"Yes...that." I rubbed my ass against him as I confessed.

"You always have them strapped down at the office, some baggy monstrosity hiding everything from your hips up to your chin."

His teeth grazed over my shoulder. Groaning, he thumbed both nipples. "Can you imagine when you finally settle down and get pregnant. They'll be so much heavier, milk dripping from these hard little tips."

Craig sucked at my throat, a moan whipping from me.

"Makes me hard just thinking about it, taking one in my mouth, sucking the cream from you as you ride my cock."

A quiver rolled through me and my pussy started to jump. What the hell was he talking about? If I ever found a man who wanted to play house with me, I wouldn't ride another man's cock. And Craig Spence sure as hell couldn't be implying he wanted to be my baby daddy.

"Can you picture that?" He kissed the side of my throat and squeezed my breasts a little harder, as if the pressure and deft manipulation would trigger those first drops of milk.

"No." I choked another lie out. Even without a glimpse of the thick cock wedged between my ass cheeks, I could imagine every last detail.

"Oh, cub..." Craig trailed one hand down my side to the top band of my panties then followed its edge to where my thighs met at the front. He slid a finger between my slick lips, rubbing it back and forth. "Don’t lie to me when you’re this wet. It gives you away."

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Curve Cover (BBW SF Erotic Romance)

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Betrayed by her commanding officers and abandoned by her husband, plus-size Major Amanda Child wants to spend her forced retirement flying under the government's radar while she finds proof of its crimes. What she gets is six-feet-three-inches of rogue Berserker handcuffed to her bed. Will one night of pure bliss reveal that the last thing she was looking for is the one thing she desperately needs?

This 8,800+ word story is for readers who love near future dystopian science fiction with a happy-for-now ending and hot, explicit sex with a next-gen bad boy who could soak any woman's panties.
And now for an excerpt :D

"I know what you are." The words were out before she could think to call them back.

His mouth curled to the right in a weary smirk. "What am I?"

He tilted his head as he asked and she could tell that he listened for something. Memories flooded to the front of her mind -- the men’s enhanced vision and hearing, a crazy grip you couldn’t shake off and blue eyes that bled to black when they clicked into some kind of battle trance.

Amanda shrugged. She didn’t have a name for what he was -- no agency tags had been placed on the mission. She tilted her head and listened with him, finally hearing a familiar double whir. "Toran LH-67, single seater, urban reconnaissance."

Out in the open, the small helicopters were quiet until they approached within a block of a person. Her intruder had detected it at least half a minute before she had, all with the singer on the radio moaning in the background.

"SUV out front..." He hesitated, lifted one dark brow. "Make that two."

Looking at his eyes, she saw the first fine strands of black start to bleed from the pupils into his irises. He glanced over his shoulder at the pistol on her bed.

She placed her free hand flat against his chest. "You don’t have to run."

When he didn’t move, she eased from where he had her wedged between his body and the wall. Reaching into the top drawer of her dresser, she removed two sets of handcuffs.

"Take your shirt off and get on the bed."