Fantasy Curves 269

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It's not easy being a big girl in 2169…

On her way to a friend’s Halloween party, Morgan Macy never expected to be confused for a real Fantasy Unit for one simple reason -- she has never seen a plus-size pleasure droid. Hell, there are very few big girls, period, and it has been a long, long time since a man looked twice at her overgenerous curves.

Apparently there are plus-size Fantasy Units and what was meant as a practical joke poking fun at her secret crush Vance Gemini turns into a gauntlet of groping males. Forced to head home for a costume change before she even gets to the party, Morgan finds herself on an empty subway platform with a masculine, all-too-familiar voice ordering her to halt.

Turn around, FU 269. I want your time.

Previously released as Fantasy Unit 269, this 9100+ word BBW erotic romance placed in the near future has been significantly re-mastered (from third person to first, with 3000 words added and new or substantially revised erotic scenes). The sweet ending, with its promise of a happily-ever-after, remains intact.

Vance made escape and thought impossible. His fingers danced along my clit, twirled around the hood then dipped into the deeper recesses of my pussy. Placing his lips against my ear, he traced the lobe with his tongue. His mouth drifted lower, biting lightly at the curve of my neck while, between my legs, his thumb pressed up against the hood of flesh. With the thumb rubbing at my clit, he fucked in and out of me three fingers thick.

Heat and need thinned my cream, the motion of his hand spreading my juices along my thighs. Curling my fingers around his jacket lapels, I clutched at him. I exhaled in ragged gasps, my body already eager to come from less than a minute of his touch.

For a man who prefers fuck droids, he knows how to please a woman quickly and thoroughly. I started to crest, a moan sliding thickly past my lips.

Nuzzling my throat, Vance chuckled. "Programmed to come quickly, I see."

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