Bangkok - Gay Virgins Abroad

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When Shane Aelis is kicked out of college following a drunken, mostly nude stroll through campus in search of his dorm mate, his father decides it's time to "straighten" him out. And so he naively loads his son onto a plane bound for the best or worst place an emerging homosexual could go, placing Shane in the care of a family friend he doesn't know half as well as he thinks he does.

For Shane, his first night in Thailand is far more than he bargained for. For starters, there's his dad's friend, Adam Newhouse. Now that Shane isn't running from the truth, he's all too aware of the long-time crush he's had on the sexy older man. And then there's Tan, the young Thai male who keeps Adam's guest house in running order.

Two sexy males, one young man discovering himself -- what's a boy to do?

Tan was standing alongside my bed, the lightweight blanket and sheet turned back. I hesitated at the threshold. In between taking care of my needs and closing the house up, he had changed into a two-piece outfit that was as white and as loosely woven as the shirt Adam had been wearing. The top spilled over the pants, the doubling of fabric doing very little to hide his erection.

My chest tightened and I suppressed a groan. Had my father voiced some fear to Adam? But, if he had, why would Adam present me with such a gift? Or was this Tan’s own gift to me? I shook my head. More than likely, I was losing my mind and seeing an invitation where none was extended.

“I…” my voice broke as I started to speak and I closed my eyes, trying to count away the tension coiling inside me. “I don’t need any more assistance this evening, Tan,” I managed to squeak out at last.

I don’t know what I expected him to do. I know what I wanted, but not what I expected. As he had earlier in putting my clothes away, he disobeyed me and waited, gaze still locked on the floor. I edged my way around the bed until I was standing in front of him. I wanted to touch him but couldn’t forgive myself my earlier gaffes. Nor was I sure I wasn’t about to make another one, an unforgivable one.

“How old are you?” I asked, my voice still trembling.

“Twenty-four, Shane.”

I staggered back a little, my hand reaching for one of the bed’s corner posts. It wasn’t just that his age surprised me—I certainly felt older than him. But it was the first time, from the dozen or so times he had addressed me, that Tan used my first name. I didn’t believe he would use it without some larger subtext.

“Are you offering yourself to me?” I asked, my voice no more than a whisper by this time.

He glanced up once, his whole face flushing for a second, and then he dropped his gaze again. “Yes.”

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