Courtesans of the Apocalypse

Courtesans of the Apocalypse is a loose collection of literary shorts and novellas examining love and passion in the near future. Titles may include GLBT content (Tokyo Ink & Perfect Bride)

Tokyo Ink

Follow Gabe & Tetsu's search for love and freedom in a dystopian future at: Amazon US - UK - CA 

Shimizu - the once-glittering glass pyramid in the middle of Tokyo Bay that housed a million people - is now a crumbling super-prison owned by Iyashii Corporation. Tetsu Hogosha’s mother was caught in the city’s conversion. In a criminal system where the care and feeding of a child adds time to the mother’s crime, she signed him away to be an Iyashii bond employee as her only chance at freedom.

Now Tetsu is a free man and head of Iyashii’s security forces for the country. But he has a secret sideline that might one day break Iyashii’s hold on Shimizu. For months, he has watched the male dancer serving Iyashii’s executive tea room. Tetsu knows every flawless movement the male geisha will make, from tea ceremony, to fan dance, to the slow revelation of his naked, tattooed flesh before he takes the executives, alone or in pairs, into the bedroom suite adjoining the tea room to satisfy their every desire.

For just as long, Tetsu has tried to convince himself he watches his unwitting accomplice only to record the secret messages embedded in the tattoos. But when Iyashii sends its top assassin after the male geisha, Tetsu is faced with the cold hard choice of protecting the message and its secret language at all costs or rescuing the one man capable of challenging his loyalties.

This 20,000+ SF gay erotica is for readers who hunger for male geishas seducing virgin corporate executives in the near future in a deadly game of espionage and revolution.

The dancer’s voice changed when he spoke again, becoming more distant. “You used me,” he reminded Tetsu. “And now all you have to lose is your Code.”

“It’s not some trinket.” The cold growl of his own voice surprised Tetsu, and that surprise tightened his grip around Gabe’s throat. Hearing the dancer wheeze, he immediately let go.

Gabe threw his arms around Tetsu’s neck. “No, not a trinket. That’s why you won’t give it up.” He kissed the side of Tetsu’s mouth. “That’s why you can afford to risk a little temptation -- if the only thing to lose is the one thing you won’t give up, how can you lose?”

There was no window in the room, no faint trace of light to illuminate a lie. But there was a gun, and a lighter and accelerant if it came to that. Tetsu let the kiss dissolve into his flesh and spread through him with a drugging effect. When Gabe slid his hands down to Tetsu’s chest again and gently pushed, Tetsu rolled onto his back.

“What is it you really want?” he asked as Gabe kissed the bend of his neck. The dancer’s mouth was warm and lingering, sucking at the flesh until Tetsu could feel the bruise forming.

“I want tonight.” Gabe moved down, licked at Tetsu’s nipple before taking it into his mouth. His hands stayed busy between feather stroking Tetsu’s balls and tightly palming the shaft. “And then I want tomorrow -- but I don’t want to talk about that right now.”

Tetsu laced his fingers through the thick silk of Gabe’s hair, his hands pulled along as the dancer’s mouth moved ever lower, the tongue swirling along the flesh, the mouth hesitating for a few seconds here and there to kiss or suck. “And if I knew what you want for tomorrow?”

Gabe stopped and turned his head to the side so that his cheek pressed flat against Tetsu’s stomach. His hands moved out to Tetsu’s sides and, fingers splayed, he held Tetsu’s hips. “We couldn’t have tonight.”


Amazon US UK DE FR CA JP (7100+ words)

A nanopath contracted to the Ministry of Technology’s Illicit Use Department, Shariya Markesh is sent to a remote North Woods location. Her assignment -- investigate and eliminate the source of three deadly maulings the locals claim were done by the legendary Wendigo. But the carnivorous, snow white beast that walks on two legs isn’t an ancient folktale; he’s a modern monster infected with nanoshifting technology.

And he’s on the hunt for Shariya.


Eli looked down at Shariya’s bound body. Unless her metabolism was coming out of the conversion phase, the suppressors would wear off completely within a few minutes. She’d managed to stay quiet and near motionless since offering him the chance at confession and touching that sweet body. She kept her eyes closed, too, and he wondered if she was subconsciously providing him a level of anonymity or hiding from her own needs.

He didn’t care. It let him look at her without feeling guilty. She had been lovely before the change, her body toned and athletic from the hard demands of the work she did for the Ministry. The boyish haircut she wore had only accented the fine bone structure of her face, with the high cheekbones and full lips. But the conversion had taken each point of loveliness and raised it to the pinnacle of perfection for him. 

The thighs, calves and ass had rounded with added muscle, her abs had a toned ripple, and the added heaviness on the bottom was balanced out by an uplifting and swelling of her breasts. The nipples were puffed and shaded a dark maroon, the color of some alien and irresistible berry. He remembered how sensitive his own body had been during the conversion and reached out to ever so faintly brush the pad of his thumb across one nipple.

Shariya gasped and arched as high as her restraints allowed. 

“Tell me,” she whispered when she came back down.

Toxic Angel

Amazon US UK DE FR CA JP (5700+ words)

A genetic accident kept hidden in the bowels of Naraku Laboratories, Briar Rose has lived her entire life as a caged specimen.

Deadly to the touch, she yearns not to be alone. Her only companionship is the dancing of lights in her pit at night and The One Above who controls them.

Minoru Adams, night security for Naraku's Special Projects Unit uses the lights to touch Rose in ways that would make his life forfeit if flesh met flesh.

But for how long will it be enough to merely watch?

Yome Wa Mitsuboshi (Perfect Bride)

Amazon US UK DE FR CA JP (7000+ words)

Welcome to the near future, the atmosphere has gotten worse and half the world is beach property. Money still talks and, if you're rich enough, there's never been a better time to be alive. Custom-made bodies, designer drugs, pleasure is never farther away than the length of a physician's needle.

Yet things really are the same as they ever were. Corporate executive, Zhao Wah, must learn to please his made-to-order bride, the delectable and much younger Tsin, or face the dishonor of having failed as a husband.


Meet tomorrow's beauty and the beast at: Amazon US - UK - CA


Shaped by his creator in the form of the ancient god Cernunnos, Herne knew only the cold metal of a cage and the sharp blades of his master until he escaped into Tahoma’s forest. Now, as the first winter storm of the season gathers, a hunter has entered his woods, bringing a bound and blindfolded woman as game.
Until tonight, Neva had survived as a healer in a gospel town where the monsters walk on two legs and the women do as they are told. “The Girl Who Said No,” she finds herself at the mercy of a jilted suitor and his brutish friends, with the woods her only chance of escape.
Welcome to the future. Seattle lies in fog-shrouded ruins. Fantasy has become reality. Science is the new magic. The year is 2270, and it’s time to meet the real beauty and the beast.
This 14,300+ word Erotic Romance is for readers who enjoy science fiction in a dystopian future featuring a tortured nano shifter and the only woman who can help him re-discover his humanity.
From the trees, Herne watched the humans -- three men and a woman -- intruding into his forest. Hearing their truck and smelling the stink of animal fat fueling an old diesel engine, he’d gone in search of them. He had finally found them low on the eastern slope of Tahoma, where they had followed the old road all the way up to the small clearing that was its vanishing point.
The men stank with the bitter odor of civilization, their bodies steeped in the scent of alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Smelling the woman’s freshly spilled blood and the softer, more pervasive scents that marked her sex as he tracked the men through the trees, Herne bellowed.
The men scattered at his call, the smaller male intent on following the woman, the other two perhaps unnerved by Herne’s feral cry. A twinge of conscience told him to follow the woman -- that she was being hunted -- but the other men were unarmed and easy to dispatch. And he might take the armed one by surprise, when the man finally found his prey and foolishly put the weapon down.
Extending his neck, Herne roared again, then slammed his antlers left and right, their wide expanse causing them to bang against the mighty pines on either side of him. It was a challenge, one the men would recognize, if not with their minds then with the marrow of their bones. Male to male, he let them know...
You’re in my woods.

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