Curve Beast

Previously released as Beast Next Door (writing as Chance Valentine)

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For two years, Cruz Medina has tried hard to ignore Tamsyn, the plus-size beauty he's lusted after since high school. Never mind that he climbs rooftops every evening to watch her in bed, her hands caressing her lush curves with an intimacy he can only dream about. Never mind that she wants him just as badly, that he can smell her arousal and need every time they meet.

He's a werewolf, she's not. Loving her isn't an option -- until a rogue pack of shifters goes on the hunt for Tamsyn and the only way to protect the woman he loves is to tell her the truth.

This 28,000+ word paranormal BBW erotic romance is for readers who crave paranormal suspense mixed with steaming hot sex featuring an alpha male who will protect the woman he loves at all costs.

Tamsyn pushed the door to her building open. He followed mute up the stairs, eyes locked on the swing of her ass, still tasting the salt of her skin on his tongue. She wanted a fight after the way he’d behaved today. Not what he had in mind. He waited until she had her key in the door and then he put his hands on her hips.

She froze. "What the hell do you think you’re doing?"

"Open the door and I’ll tell you."

When she didn’t move, he took the keys from her and finished unlocking the door, his other hand still on her hip. She retreated inside, turning beneath his touch until she faced him. He shut the door with his foot, let the keys fall to the floor so that he could have both hands on her again.

She pushed at his chest. "You’ve got some fucking nerve, Medina."

"You’re mad. I understand." He slid the bag off her shoulder, ran his hand up under the jeans jacket, his palm flat against the center of her back as he coaxed her closer. He remembered the last time he’d gotten so close to her -- her senior prom two years ago.

He cinched her closer, felt the curve of her lower stomach against his cock. He dropped his head, his lips lightly brushing against her neck.

"You’re a bastard, Cruz. You think you can…" She stopped, throat clenching to strangle the words, and shoulder slugged him.

He shushed the broken sounds coming from her. He kissed her ear and then the high rise of her cheek bone. Reaching down, he untucked her shirt, ran his hand up her back once more, fingers stroking the bare flesh.

Her body assaulted his senses. The heat emanating from her, the sweet and secret smells, the deep breathing, the beat of her heart loud in his ears. He kissed along her throat, just under her chin in the hollow where her pulse throbbed.

She was clutching his shirt, her body immobile except for the rhythmic push of her breasts against his chest as she inhaled.
"Leave," she choked out.


  1. This is my first book by you that I read. It will not be my last. I'm a big woman and this is an awesome story. Tamsyn is wonderful in her sexuality. Cruz's love stayed true. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Nancy! I'm hoping that putting it in select and getting more eyeballs on it is just what the doctor ordered for getting Dom's story out! :D

  2. Hi Just wanted to say that this was the first book I've read of yours and I finished the story and it was a great read.

    My question for you was - Were you going to follow up with a second story? Loved the fact that you had her bigger and not afraid of her body at all. That was something you don't read very often, thank you.

    1. Cappy

      Hi :D Thank you for the feedback. Dom's story is definitely on my development list. I can't say when though. I have more than one (unaffiliated) pen name. Sometimes the muse takes the reins and ignores the stack of bills sitting next to my desk, other times I have to prioritize stories in the queue by what name/series is gonna take care of those bills!