Rococo - An Erotic Return to Pre-War France

Rococo is an erotic collection (also available as singles) from the final days before the French Revolution. The entries reveal the hidden lives of several of France’s well-born daughters -- Beatrice, a willful noblewoman in lust with her mother’s groom; Gabrielle, a virgin who surrenders to a masked lover; Lucille, a brazen temptress playing the repentant sinner; Veronique, a master manipulator betrayed by her own desires; and, connecting them all, Candacis -- one third of a forbidden love triangle. (Collected length is 63,000+)

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About each single

Reading order: Lucille & Candacis can be read out of order (e.g. before any of the other singles) but Candacis should be read before Anne-Marie, as AM contains a significant spoiler.

Now, let's actually get to the girls and their stories!

Beatrice -- From spoiled to spanked to ruined, Beatrice is a willful noblewoman lusting after her mother's groom. Louis's reluctant disciplining of Beatrice becomes something more, pushing him slowly toward insanity. (8,300+ words)

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Gabrielle -- Gabrielle is in love above her station with the son of a French Marquis. Her only in with this anciently titled family is his aloof cousin, Veronique. Lucky for Gabrielle, Veronique warms to her. A masquerade ensues and lovers join. But have the naive virgin's dreams really come true? (8,700+ words)

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Veronique -- After assisting a kinsman in the seduction of Gabrielle, noblewoman Veronique naively calls upon an artist recommended to her by Gabrielle and finds herself unable to resist his sexual advances. Can Veronique trust her heart and reputation to the painter Christophe and who is the mysterious Daniel who offers her assistance at her darkest hour? (34,800+ words)

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Lucille -- Sent by her family to the Sacred Heart convent to keep her protected during tumultuous times, Lucille is the real threat. She has set her lustful sights on the handsome priest who delivers sermons to the convent's nuns and other well-born refugees. (2,400+ words)

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Candacis -- Having struck a bargain with her cousin Philipe to publish the private letters and diaries of other well-born women at the Sacred Heart convent, Candacis finds herself seduced first by their words and then by the newest noblewoman to seek refuge within the convent's walls. (3,700+ words)

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Anne-Marie -- Married off to an English duke, Anne-Marie finds herself bound to a monster, her only chance of escape a man whose family she has betrayed. (5,800+ words)

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