Monday, March 4, 2013

Behind the Curve (BBW Erotic Romance)

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Plus-size reporter Valerie Lane didn't expect to find love during an undercover assignment in a sex parlor. Hell, she couldn't even anticipate the mind-blowing orgasms the parlor's newest client teases from her as he explores every erogenous zone on her ample body.

For Craig Spence, behind the curve of his fantasy girl is pure heaven. He just needs to convince Valerie this is more than a one-time trip around the world.

This 17,000+ word BBW Erotic Romance features a colleagues-to-lovers HEA that starts in a sex parlor with a dare. Note for purchasers of the "Back" anal erotica collection, this is an expansion of the 3,500 word short "Magenta."

Craig pulled at the nipples, giving them a little twist until I arched against him. "Like that, do you?"

Biting my lip, I shook my head, lying to him. He twisted again, a little harder, and I felt my knees start to give.

"Yes...that." I rubbed my ass against him as I confessed.

"You always have them strapped down at the office, some baggy monstrosity hiding everything from your hips up to your chin."

His teeth grazed over my shoulder. Groaning, he thumbed both nipples. "Can you imagine when you finally settle down and get pregnant. They'll be so much heavier, milk dripping from these hard little tips."

Craig sucked at my throat, a moan whipping from me.

"Makes me hard just thinking about it, taking one in my mouth, sucking the cream from you as you ride my cock."

A quiver rolled through me and my pussy started to jump. What the hell was he talking about? If I ever found a man who wanted to play house with me, I wouldn't ride another man's cock. And Craig Spence sure as hell couldn't be implying he wanted to be my baby daddy.

"Can you picture that?" He kissed the side of my throat and squeezed my breasts a little harder, as if the pressure and deft manipulation would trigger those first drops of milk.

"No." I choked another lie out. Even without a glimpse of the thick cock wedged between my ass cheeks, I could imagine every last detail.

"Oh, cub..." Craig trailed one hand down my side to the top band of my panties then followed its edge to where my thighs met at the front. He slid a finger between my slick lips, rubbing it back and forth. "Don’t lie to me when you’re this wet. It gives you away."